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Wenhua Funeral Services

Wenhua Funeral Services have grown to become a well-known Singapore funeral service since 1999. Providing a huge range of solutions for the funeral arrangement.

Out History

Wenhua started his journey in this industry when he was 12 years old. A funeral director who was helping with his grandfather’s funeral saw that he was showing great interest in the industry and decided to bring him to 雲南善堂. This is how it all started for him.

At 雲南善堂, Mr. Henry Lee is just one of the many teachers who has helped him in his journey.

In 1995, he decided to take this passion further. He visited China, Guangdong, to learn(拜师) from Master Xie(謝两鎮恩師) for 7 years. He managed to acquire deeper knowledge of rituals(法事) and has been using it to bless a lot more people from 雲南善堂.

His good works with 雲南善堂 started to spread, attracting people from other communities to seek his help too.

With lots of hard works and passion, Wenhua manages to make his way up to become an official teacher(经乐指導師) at 雲南善堂 and continue to help families in this area of needs.

Over the years, Wenhua has built up his credential in the industry with his wealth of experience and knowledge in Funeral Rituals. For Chao Zhou(潮州) Funeral, he is also able to do the rituals himself.

A well-respected teacher(導師), a passionate funeral director whose sole purpose is to make sure that all the funerals he helped are done properly and ease the process of funeral arrangement for the deceased family.